Tea soup


To begin with, it is not something I have tried to cook myself just yet!  (i won’t blame you if you stop reading right now 🙂 )
However, the idea is so appealing that I can’t help but to share it with you.
I have tasted my first tea soup at a tea lounge Samovar in San Francisco. This place is so magical that before I say more about the tea soup, let me show you what does it mean to work in Samovar. The short video perfectly conveys the atmosphere of this place:


The tea soup that they are so proud of it’ s a very simple concept. Basic you’d say! Just some vegetables and rice, mixed together with a pot of delicious tea.
What it DOES have, that other soups don’t?

  • It’s beautiful – I love colourful food. It’s not a typical veggie soup where you can barely tell what is potato and what is a cauliflower
  • It’s surprising – We’re so used to drinking tea as a …hmm..as a tea, that having it in a soup, makes all your taste receptors go wild (really!)
  • It has a WOW effect. When I ordered it everybody in Samovar got interested and wanted to order the same. You’ll find nothing better if you want to make friends in a restaurant 🙂

Simple recipe:

  • Gather your soup content (broccoli, bean, carrot, wakame, tofu, onion, RICE)
  • Use the freshly brewed tea instead of water!
  • Experiment with different types of tea
  • Adjust the seasoning – soya sauce and ginger is necessary in my opinion
  • Enjoy your soup!

Anyone brave enough to try it at home – let me know immediately.  Anyone encouraged to go to Samovar instead – take me with YOU!!

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2 thoughts on “Tea soup

  1. simplydelish says:

    Wow that is so unique, never heard of it before. If i make it in the future, Ill let you know!

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