Homemade Christmas Cards

They say it’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas cards. In my world there is never good time to start thinking about them, until it’s seriously too late – like now 🙂
Honestly – there is a very little chance that you come up with something breathtakingly creative this season, if you (like me) haven’t even started thinking about it yet.
But I’ve scoured the web for you and found some simple ideas, that don’t take much time, talent or material but will leave a lasting impression on everybody.

1. First of all – here is a little cheat for you. Recycle!! Look for some old Christmas cards that you received in the past seasons. Cut off the the front of the card and make it into a postcard. Just remember not to send somebody the same card ash he sent you last year! (although I doubt that they actually remember).

2. Nature! Using nature as an inspiration will never fail you. It never goes out of style and it’s extremely easy to do! You can practically glue one simple piece of mistletoe/pine bough/holly leaf to the front of your card and….voila..you have just created a DIY christmas card – as minimalistic as it was always meant to be, right? 🙂

3. Collage – December issues of almost every magazine you can buy, are usually full of brilliant pictures, graphics and ready holiday greeting. You just need some glue and scissors to give them a new life in your xmas cards.

4. Family photos. You have to be really careful with this one – of course your kids look cute in these Santa Claus hats. And nobody would deny they look lovely under the mistletoe. But…why would anybody besides you and their grandparent want to receive a Christmas card with their picture on the front? No idea. So no matter how much you feel tempted, please send it only to your closest family and friends. My ex-boss used to prepare New Year’s calendars for all his employees – each month had a face of one of his kids and their birthday were marked in the calendar as a public holiday. Pretty embarassing gift I must say 🙂

Ah, I almost forgot. The last point also refers to cat owners. For all of you who actually have a cat: for people that don’t have one, they all look the same!! Don’t want to see them on my Christmas card 🙂


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