Wrapping Presents – Scrabble Tiles

With Christmas just around the corner, there can’t be a better topic to touch upon, than wrapping presents. I love wrapping gifts. This is probably my favourite thing about Christmas. I try to do something new each year, allthough i’ve got my favourite tricks that i like to use when i’m suddenly short of sophisticated gift wrapping ideas.
Here is one of them: Scrabble Tiles. First of all –  buy an additonal set – don’t use the one you’ll need to actually play Scrabble. Guess why 🙂
I recommend buying wooden tiles. They look so much nicer than the plastic ones.
You can find them for example on EBAY

Glueing the letters is the most difficult part – if your gift needs to travel before reaching its destination, it’s best to use a double-sided adhesive tape

Once you’ve got your letters ready – label your gifts with appropriate names. That’s all you need to make your gift stand out from the crowd.
gift wrapping scrabble tiles

scrabble tiles gift wrapping

gift wrapping ideas

Scrabble Tiles labels

Similar idea apparently shared this year other bloggers:
Jenny from a bird in the hand art

and Alison from Oopsey daisy



2 thoughts on “Wrapping Presents – Scrabble Tiles

  1. That’s a really cute idea! I especially like the presentation of the ‘Dad’ gift!

  2. Ka. says:

    I was lucky to get one of those sweet gifts! Thank you!! 🙂

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