Cregle iPen!

It looks like an interesting, though quite expensive concept. The iPen developed by Cregle, seeks to turn your iPad into an active digitizing stylus. The company claimed it is the “first active digitizer stylus” for the iPad, but was quickly made to eat their words by the Verge, who claimed that the pen is simply a rebadge of the product already sold under the Aiptek, ByZero and EFUN names.
It took the Cregle Team only few hours to respond in a similar manner. They apologized for “an oversight on their part” and expressed what they think of the Verge’s complaints by saying: ‘The market can then judge who has done the best job of transforming this wonderful new technology into a useful, reasonably-priced product that integrates with popular iPad applications to provide a complete handwriting solution.’
So now your turn. You can judge it. But it costs around $90. And doesn’t fit the iPad case.



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