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Have you ever?

Have you ever dreamt of flying?
Check out what it would be like to have people drifting in the air, all around the city.
Plus awesome background music by Tom Quick – famous for music & sound effects for tv, films and games. You liked the music in Heavy Rain? Yes, that’s he’s job as well.


How many friends do we need?

Have you ever wondered if there is an optimal number of friends that you should have, to make your life fit together perfectly? The answer is closer than you think!
Professore Robin Dunbar claims that the number of people with whom you can hold personal relationships is limited to about 150 individuals. Now cast a quick look at your Facebook account. What do you see? Most probably the number of your ‘friends’ is less or around 150. If it’s 200 and more, it is very likely that you don’y know or you haven’t met at least 50 of them. If it’s 300 and more…..I regret to tell you…but…you might be a Friend Collector – somebody who can’t help adding long-lost friends and half-remembered college classmated to their list of ‘trophies’.
The 150 number seems to be a natural limit set by the size of the brains and fits a general pattern relating brain size and social group size across the monkeys and apes.

This circle of 150 is not an homogenous social group: it consists of four layers, the Circles of Acquaintanceship, which scale relative to each other by a factor of three (an inner core of five intimates, and then successive layers at 15, 50 and 150).

With each successive circle, the number of people included increases but the emotional intimacy decreases.

Although there has been a fashion for competitively adding ‘friends’ to one’s social network internet site, in fact most people’s social network sites contain only 100-150 names, and of these most exchanges are directed at the small inner core.
This seems to be because, ultimately, relationships survive only if you reinforce them by occasional face-to-face contacts.
So if you really care about your friends, why not check your list and answer frankly, who belongs to which cirle. Maybe it’s time to reorganize the layers 😉

Alienated customers

As the devoted Apple user, I tried not to admit to myself that being their fan is not the easiest thing to do. I think it began in December one year ago, when I got my brand new iPad, which was immediately after Christmas bested by the iPad 2. Suddenly my initial euphoria began to fade, as I realized that I’m….OMG…yes, I’m really missing the web cam!! And why is my iPad so thick?  Comparing to iPad 2 it looked like swollen!!
But it wasn’t the end. In June I bought myself iPhone 4. How do you think I felt when my Sensation 4G was bested only weeks later!!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really obsessed with Apple products but that’s definitely what the company wants me to be. It wants me to always desire the latest, the most incredible version of something that I already have. It has been Apple’s strategy for years now! And it has its weaker sides too. I think the Verge posted the best summary, just a month ago.

  • You alienate your best customers. Over and over and over again. – just read what i wrote above.
  • You induce paralysis at the register – After a few cycles of this madness, consumers catch on that they’re stuck in a zero-sum game. They’re always asking themselves (and us) what’s around the corner.
  • You confuse people – it’s becoming very difficult to follow the market.
  • You make it more difficult on yourself to keep devices updated in a timely fashion – Each of those versions needs the care and feeding of an engineering team, and there are only so many engineers to go around.  Not sure if it has happened to Apple yet. If yes, then we obviously won’t hear about it 😉

I think the best way to demonstrate the Apple madness is the graphic below. Here, we’re taking a look at Apple’s phone releases versus HTC’s since the start of 2010, plotted over time:


Can you solve the paper puzzle?

Ed Barbeau, a retired math professor at the University of Toronto, made this object from a single rectangular piece of paper. He only used a pair scissors.
Do you know how he did it?
puzzle paper quest

Answer is hidden HERE

I have tried and it really works 🙂 Good way to impress your friends.

How to make your Facebook profile more attractive?

If you have the new Timeline profile – taking advantage of the new image layout is fairly easy. The big billboard picture associated with the small one gives plenty of opportunity to play with. Here are some inspirations if you need it.

However, if you’re still using your ‘old’ profile, OR you have a fan page that you would like to make more fancy – use this simple method to spice up your profile.
It is believed that it was a French artist – Alexandre Oudin who first took advantage of the new layout. I googled him and I start to really pity on this guy. No matter how cool his art is, he will be always remembered as “the guy who made this funny thing with his Facebook profile’. I don’t think I could handle it, if i were an artist.
Alexandre, if you’re reading it – sorry that I had to mention your name and make your Google search statistics even higher. I didn’t meant it and if you write to me I will surely delete your name from my blog and records (but Google won’t). Alexandre profile:

Others quickly followed:

And here is how to achieve a similar result. There are basically two ways to do it.

1. Use Photoshop

You would need to to download the PSD template (more details here). Import your portrait as a new layer and adjust its position to achieve the desired effect. Your photos will be cut into sections and saved on your hard disk.

2. Use Facebook Apps
This might come as a surpise but there are actually plenty of apps that will pimp your profile without having to dabble with Photoshop. They all work on the same principle and are pretty easy to use.
Here are just some of them:

  1. Profile – Maker
  2. Profile Pane
  3. Profile PhotosBar
  4. Your New Profile
  6. Schweppes
  7. Profile-Banner
  8. FB Photo Magic
  9. Oudinizer
  10. Pic Scatter

    Once you finish, let me know how it went!

The Surreal World of Philippe Ramette

If you think you know everything about the tricks used in modern photography, better check this out. It looks like a photomontage but it isn’t! Unbelievable. Scroll down to see the video from the making of (it’s in French but it doesn’t matter)

Why is reading blogs so inspiring

Some people may claim that reading blogs is so out of date (Want inspiration? Stop reading blogs). But there is one thing about Blogspot that amuses me every time i post a comment on one of your blogs. It’s the Word Verification. Is it just me or it really reminds of the Rorschach inkblot test???

What are your first thoughts when reading these words? My guesses below.


1. Creativity. Although i like the word ‘cativity’ so much, that i’m ready to fight for it to be included in the dictionary.
2. Happiness. Don’t know why.
3. Baffled. Again..don’t know why 🙂

Blame it on Matt Cutts!

January has always been the season of making the New year’s resolutions. This is the time when we all lie to ourselves promising unrealistic things like: ‘quit smoking’ and ‘loose some weight’. We know we can get away with it..We always have…and the best about the New Year’s resolutions is the’New Year’s’ part, meaning that we don’t need to think about until the year comes to its end.
But this year it’s different. It all began with Matt Cutts giving a 2:44 speech on his 30-days challenge that he took up last year.  That’s where the hype began. Who would have thought that it will take a Google engineer to reform our old habits of not keeping the New Year’s resolutions? The message behind Matt’s talk is: if there is something you’ve always wanted to do, but for some reasons you just haven’t…do it now.  Choose the challenge and continue to do it every day for 30 days in a row. You can follow in Matt’s footsteps and try to write your own novel (even if it sucks – like Matt’s book), start cycling to work  or take one picture every day. What matters here is the ACTION. You don’t commit yourself to change the old bad habits – you work on developing the new, better ones, that will make your life better.

Scouring the Web to better understand the scale of this 30-days challenge phenomenon (and it’s huge, believe me), I found a few interesting 30-days ideas, posted by Matt’s followers.
My favourite ones:

– ‘phone a friend every day for the next 30 days’ – the more ways to keep in touch there are, the less we do. It’s scary!

– ‘say something positive to people a day for 30 days’

– ‘cook one meal a day for 30 days’

And the best one:

– ‘finish my college. it’s about the fucking time’ 🙂

More New Year’s ideas coming soon!

Desperately missing snow

Just not the wet, cold, melting one, please. The one from the Love Story would do.

girl in the snow
horses in the snow
love story
snow folic