Alienated customers

As the devoted Apple user, I tried not to admit to myself that being their fan is not the easiest thing to do. I think it began in December one year ago, when I got my brand new iPad, which was immediately after Christmas bested by the iPad 2. Suddenly my initial euphoria began to fade, as I realized that I’m….OMG…yes, I’m really missing the web cam!! And why is my iPad so thick?  Comparing to iPad 2 it looked like swollen!!
But it wasn’t the end. In June I bought myself iPhone 4. How do you think I felt when my Sensation 4G was bested only weeks later!!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really obsessed with Apple products but that’s definitely what the company wants me to be. It wants me to always desire the latest, the most incredible version of something that I already have. It has been Apple’s strategy for years now! And it has its weaker sides too. I think the Verge posted the best summary, just a month ago.

  • You alienate your best customers. Over and over and over again. – just read what i wrote above.
  • You induce paralysis at the register – After a few cycles of this madness, consumers catch on that they’re stuck in a zero-sum game. They’re always asking themselves (and us) what’s around the corner.
  • You confuse people – it’s becoming very difficult to follow the market.
  • You make it more difficult on yourself to keep devices updated in a timely fashion – Each of those versions needs the care and feeding of an engineering team, and there are only so many engineers to go around.  Not sure if it has happened to Apple yet. If yes, then we obviously won’t hear about it 😉

I think the best way to demonstrate the Apple madness is the graphic below. Here, we’re taking a look at Apple’s phone releases versus HTC’s since the start of 2010, plotted over time:



One thought on “Alienated customers

  1. skie says:

    I loved my iPhone 3G and on purpose ignored 4G. Then beloved Santa brought me 4Gs and I can’t belive I could live with such a bad camera and screen for so long!
    I suffer apple disease too!

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