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Wy don’t you read a real book?

The internet can be a major drain on your time and brain. Time to log off and open a good book!

And don’t try “liking” this project on Facebook. If it’s there it’s fake by definition!



How to write a creative cv?

I found a good example of a simple, creative CV. Probably one of the best I’ve seen 🙂


How to make a website mockup?

Personally I think there is nothing more useful when designing a website, than a good, reliable wireframe tool.

The downside is that a good and reliable wireframe application can come at a heavy price. Prices can vary from as low as $100 all the way up to over $4000. What freelancer developer can afford it?
So, what options do you have? There are certainly a fair few free or cheap web apps and tools you can use, and that is what I have collated for this article. I have used this article as the source, plus added something from my own experience..

1. Balsamiq Mockup – that’s my personal favourite. A bit less intuitive than the rest, but you can come up with great results once you learn how to handle this tool. Plus you can make a great mobile wireframe using this as well. Take a while to watch this demo:

2. Lovey Charts

It’s biggest biggest strength lies in its innovative workflow and in its ability to generate lovely diagrams in minutes, with no effort. Best for re-designing deep, complex sites.

3. Cacoo

User friendly, online drawing tool.  A little bit similar to Balsamiq.  It allows for multiple users to edit the same diagram in a simultaneous collaboration with all the tools and features you would expect from an online wireframe app

4. Lumzy

Perfect for designing test case scenarios. For example: what happens when the user clicks the button ? You can create Message Alerts, Page navigation or Links to external content, when your client interacts with your Mockup, yet with the hand drawn feel of a sketch. With Lumzy, you can easily create your mockups and send to clients on the fly. It also features collaboration tools for team editing, a chat engine for deliberating over designs, file versioning and so much more.

5. Mockflow

  • Has free basic pack with limited options, but still free!
  • Modern interface
  • Premium version costs 59$/year

MockFlow is an online tool for creating wireframes of software and websites. It helps to enhance your planning process by enabling to quickly design and share interactive UI mockups. It is also one of the most popular mockup softwares – mostly because of the price.