It has happened to the watch industry before and now the obsession is taking its toll on the tablets/mobiles.
Some years ago there was nothing more trendy than having a waterproof watch. The deeper you could dive with it, the better. It didn’t matter that the only contact with water it would probably have was when you dropped it accidently in the toilet. You just loved the IDEA that you could go down 30 meters underwater and it would still work! Yay! (not that you’ve ever tried…)
Now let’s take a look what’s hot in the mobile industry. The producers must have really run out of the fresh ideas, since they’re serving us the same waterproof story again.
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona several major manufacturers were putting the waterproof credentials of their devices ahead of more conventional selling points such as processor power.
Also Liquipel, based in southern California, announced at the Congress that it was expanding its operations to Australia, Brazil and China.
The company encourages mobile owners to send their devices through the post so they can be coated with what it describes as a “revolutionary water shield.”
Company President Danny McPhail said: “You won’t want to go swimming with it, but in the event it does come into contact with water, you’ll be protected.
“Talking in the rain, texting in the shower, and playing Angry Birds in the shower is all possible.”

For all the Wet&Angry Birds fans – that’s how it works:


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