Bloggers are the new critics

On fashion blogging:

<Bloggers are the new critics. Often dazzled by celebrity culture, at best they offer snappy if uninformed commentary. Mostly it comes down to stating the obvious — short hemlines, bright prints etc. And as social media (including tweeting) insinuates itself in the front row, considered opinion is more often a simplistic rush to judgment.“It’s got to be more than just ‘I loved it or I hated it,’ ” says Givhan. “You’ve got to explain your thinking — how you got there. Criticism is not personal opinion. At its best it’s opinion based on a set of facts that are set in context. I’ve seen shows that I’ve loved but I knew that critically they were not great. And vice versa.”Givhan says she doesn’t follow bloggers and it irks her that so many don’t blog under their own name. It’s hard to trust anonymous opinions>

More here: Fashion Week: The beleaguered art of fashion criticism


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