To brainstorm or not?

Is 2012 the right time to admit that brainstorming DOESN’T really work?
After years of boardrooms with flip charts at the front of the room and candy on the table, the all-hands emergency meetings to come up with ideas to fix the latest mess and the inevitable embarassment when the session is over and we have not come up to any conlcusions…after all this..maybe it’s time to say the truth:
Getting a group of people to think individually about solutions, and then combining their ideas, can be more productive than getting them to think as a group.

Or maybe it’s just the sign of our times. Did you know that Brainstorming idea is over 60 years old?
More:  Groupthink

Is it time for New Creativity? In his recent book, Jonah Lehrer writes:
“The reality of the creative process is that it often requires persistence, the ability to stare at a problem until it makes sense. The answer won’t arrive suddenly, in a flash of insight. Instead, it will be revealed slowly, like a coastline emerging from the clouds.”

More: Creativity for Capitalists


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