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It has happened to the watch industry before and now the obsession is taking its toll on the tablets/mobiles.
Some years ago there was nothing more trendy than having a waterproof watch. The deeper you could dive with it, the better. It didn’t matter that the only contact with water it would probably have was when you dropped it accidently in the toilet. You just loved the IDEA that you could go down 30 meters underwater and it would still work! Yay! (not that you’ve ever tried…)
Now let’s take a look what’s hot in the mobile industry. The producers must have really run out of the fresh ideas, since they’re serving us the same waterproof story again.
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona several major manufacturers were putting the waterproof credentials of their devices ahead of more conventional selling points such as processor power.
Also Liquipel, based in southern California, announced at the Congress that it was expanding its operations to Australia, Brazil and China.
The company encourages mobile owners to send their devices through the post so they can be coated with what it describes as a “revolutionary water shield.”
Company President Danny McPhail said: “You won’t want to go swimming with it, but in the event it does come into contact with water, you’ll be protected.
“Talking in the rain, texting in the shower, and playing Angry Birds in the shower is all possible.”

For all the Wet&Angry Birds fans – that’s how it works:


Alienated customers

As the devoted Apple user, I tried not to admit to myself that being their fan is not the easiest thing to do. I think it began in December one year ago, when I got my brand new iPad, which was immediately after Christmas bested by the iPad 2. Suddenly my initial euphoria began to fade, as I realized that I’m….OMG…yes, I’m really missing the web cam!! And why is my iPad so thick?  Comparing to iPad 2 it looked like swollen!!
But it wasn’t the end. In June I bought myself iPhone 4. How do you think I felt when my Sensation 4G was bested only weeks later!!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really obsessed with Apple products but that’s definitely what the company wants me to be. It wants me to always desire the latest, the most incredible version of something that I already have. It has been Apple’s strategy for years now! And it has its weaker sides too. I think the Verge posted the best summary, just a month ago.

  • You alienate your best customers. Over and over and over again. – just read what i wrote above.
  • You induce paralysis at the register – After a few cycles of this madness, consumers catch on that they’re stuck in a zero-sum game. They’re always asking themselves (and us) what’s around the corner.
  • You confuse people – it’s becoming very difficult to follow the market.
  • You make it more difficult on yourself to keep devices updated in a timely fashion – Each of those versions needs the care and feeding of an engineering team, and there are only so many engineers to go around.  Not sure if it has happened to Apple yet. If yes, then we obviously won’t hear about it 😉

I think the best way to demonstrate the Apple madness is the graphic below. Here, we’re taking a look at Apple’s phone releases versus HTC’s since the start of 2010, plotted over time:


Cregle iPen!

It looks like an interesting, though quite expensive concept. The iPen developed by Cregle, seeks to turn your iPad into an active digitizing stylus. The company claimed it is the “first active digitizer stylus” for the iPad, but was quickly made to eat their words by the Verge, who claimed that the pen is simply a rebadge of the product already sold under the Aiptek, ByZero and EFUN names.
It took the Cregle Team only few hours to respond in a similar manner. They apologized for “an oversight on their part” and expressed what they think of the Verge’s complaints by saying: ‘The market can then judge who has done the best job of transforming this wonderful new technology into a useful, reasonably-priced product that integrates with popular iPad applications to provide a complete handwriting solution.’
So now your turn. You can judge it. But it costs around $90. And doesn’t fit the iPad case.


Wrapping Presents – Scrabble Tiles

With Christmas just around the corner, there can’t be a better topic to touch upon, than wrapping presents. I love wrapping gifts. This is probably my favourite thing about Christmas. I try to do something new each year, allthough i’ve got my favourite tricks that i like to use when i’m suddenly short of sophisticated gift wrapping ideas.
Here is one of them: Scrabble Tiles. First of all –  buy an additonal set – don’t use the one you’ll need to actually play Scrabble. Guess why 🙂
I recommend buying wooden tiles. They look so much nicer than the plastic ones.
You can find them for example on EBAY

Glueing the letters is the most difficult part – if your gift needs to travel before reaching its destination, it’s best to use a double-sided adhesive tape

Once you’ve got your letters ready – label your gifts with appropriate names. That’s all you need to make your gift stand out from the crowd.
gift wrapping scrabble tiles

scrabble tiles gift wrapping

gift wrapping ideas

Scrabble Tiles labels

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He may not have received the Nobel price this year, but it seems to only have a positive effect on his books’ sales figures. There’s nothing better for dedicated fans than an idol who didn’t get the prize he deserves! (well of course he does, right? :))

In the next months you can certainly expect new editions of all his greatest works (which means all) and an exclusive interview with Haruki Murakami in almost every single magazine. But before you start rolling your eyes, let me get to my point here:
More Haruki Murakami’s books means more beautiful and inspring book covers! Actually, his books’ covers are now almost af famous as the books themselves!
You can even buy a 152 pages book-on-Murakami’s-book-cover style, (what should we call it? A Metacover book?) containing colour reproductions of all his book’s covers. Great X-mas present, huh? (check here). But in case you don’t feel like spending 13$ on the book, look below. Beautiful Murakami’s covers are here for you..and totally for free 😉


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Now that’s what you call a Fancy Gadget!

This little printer delivers a little, personalised package newspaper, based on the subscriptions you seto on your smartphone.
In the old days, that’s what we needed personal assistants for. Now you need only Little Printer. Shame, it doesn’t make a coffee though..

More here!