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How would you rather spend your life?

Please devote 15 min to watch this amazing, inspirational film by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg. Reading makes life enjoyable but it also can give it the meaning, we’re trying to find.
Absolutely fantastic story!


Wy don’t you read a real book?

The internet can be a major drain on your time and brain. Time to log off and open a good book!

And don’t try “liking” this project on Facebook. If it’s there it’s fake by definition!


Blame it on Matt Cutts!

January has always been the season of making the New year’s resolutions. This is the time when we all lie to ourselves promising unrealistic things like: ‘quit smoking’ and ‘loose some weight’. We know we can get away with it..We always have…and the best about the New Year’s resolutions is the’New Year’s’ part, meaning that we don’t need to think about until the year comes to its end.
But this year it’s different. It all began with Matt Cutts giving a 2:44 speech on his 30-days challenge that he took up last year.  That’s where the hype began. Who would have thought that it will take a Google engineer to reform our old habits of not keeping the New Year’s resolutions? The message behind Matt’s talk is: if there is something you’ve always wanted to do, but for some reasons you just haven’t…do it now.  Choose the challenge and continue to do it every day for 30 days in a row. You can follow in Matt’s footsteps and try to write your own novel (even if it sucks – like Matt’s book), start cycling to work  or take one picture every day. What matters here is the ACTION. You don’t commit yourself to change the old bad habits – you work on developing the new, better ones, that will make your life better.

Scouring the Web to better understand the scale of this 30-days challenge phenomenon (and it’s huge, believe me), I found a few interesting 30-days ideas, posted by Matt’s followers.
My favourite ones:

– ‘phone a friend every day for the next 30 days’ – the more ways to keep in touch there are, the less we do. It’s scary!

– ‘say something positive to people a day for 30 days’

– ‘cook one meal a day for 30 days’

And the best one:

– ‘finish my college. it’s about the fucking time’ 🙂

More New Year’s ideas coming soon!

Bing Magical Holiday Calendar

I’m a little bit late but you shouldn’t have to miss out. Magical Holiday Calendar is the latest marketing initiative from Bing. This seemingly ugly, black and white thing is supposed to help you discover the magic of holidays. The icons are numbered and you can only click on the one that matches the date or earlier. Each icon hides gifts, creative ideas and special offers (for US citizens only). Frankly speaking, in the beginning I wasn’t quite sure how it works and where the fun is supposed to be hidden – which is not very good, right?
I had to google it (yes, GOOGLE it, not BING it )  and digest the results for a while first, to understand that Bing really cares about my Christmas spirit and it also wants me to use Bing instead of Google 🙂 And while I can confirm that my Christmas spirit has been significantly enhanced – NO, i still don’t use Bing instead of Google.

On a lighter note: I always find this disclaimer amusing:  ‘This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to Microsoft and not to Facebook.’ A sign of the times..

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